S & J wedding




ʴ͹ѹ¹ ҧ繷ҧùФ ҹա͹֧......



ѹѾ觤آѹա Ǣ䴡Ҩѹλҡѹ˹

ҧҹ繧ҹء䴤Ѻͤ¨ҹѹ· ҢҢͧҹŧẺӨ

ҹ͹ҹ ҢͧҹѾͧա


ѹءҹҧҹ仧ҹ Sommersomm öҡ͹价ҭպҹ

件֧ҭ͹ͧͷ躢. Ӹǹ鹾ʹ Ѻ к͡ᴴͧҭ͹ҡ

¡ᴴا෾ (Ҥµ¨оٴ) ѺҾѺ͹ҧҨҡªտ

Ѻ稡ѧҺҹТѺöǹͧҭ͹ ͵ͧѴ蹹ºСҨ稧ҹ

ҳ 6 繡ѺöѺҷҹ˹ͧ ҨѴʶҹѹ Ѵҷ仹 Ҩ͹ѹ



S J wedding


S J wedding


͹ա֧˹ԧ ˹ԧഹ͹Ѻ ˹ԧѺҪǧʹ

Ҫ§ҹ¡͡ѹ ¡Ѻ˹ԧͧǡѺ С÷ӧҹҧ ¡Ҥ¡ѹ١


˹ԧǡŷӧҹ͡繡ạ ¡Сѹ駧ҹ ǡԹҧô

ҡ ҡз÷ѹҡԹѹ͹ѹ¡ҡԹѹͧ״

ʹ٨ҡٻǹ˭ҡ !!!


S J wedding



S J wedding



S J wedding


͡ҡ͹ѡҧ˹ԧ ѧͭҵ 觹ѡѹء ͷءӡѺ͹

١ҹ֧ ֡ҧԹԹҧ㴡͹Ѻʹѹӵͺ

ͧʧҷѺŷ֧褹ѡ ١ŵѹẺԹ ѡѹ駺ҹ


S J wedding



S J wedding



S J wedding


ҹ͹Ҽҹº´ ͹ѴЪǧսŧҤ͹ҧ˹ѡе֧֡ ҹҹ

ҧҺջѭ ˹ԧ ׹е͹Ѻ觢ҧ 繫һ蹨...蹡ѹʴ ç



S J wedding



S J wedding



S J wedding


ҹᢡѺҳ 4 ǡҡ͡ͺѹ¡ҹ͹ѹͺ 4 ադ͡Թ§

ͺ ¢ͧҾҾǡ仡Թ㹵ͧǹҤͺǾ仹Ǵͧ蹡ѹ

ҡ价оҹԹ仴پԾԸѳѡѡ Ѻҷҹǡҹ觡Թǧ

駤ѧѺѡҳ 3 Ѻҡǧ· ҷǹ

Фѹҡ ٴ Ѻҧҡȡѹ


S J wedding



S J wedding



S J wedding


͡ҡҹѹѹ (ѹ) ͹ 7 Ҷ֧ا෾͹ҳ 10 ҷӧҹ

㨨ԧҡѺҡҹҧ觵 ʧҡ ºҡ 繴öԴ餹Ѹ´

óҡ Һ͡ҧ ҹ͹ ҹͤ ͿѧǹӵҤ ѡ


S J wedding



S J wedding



աҹѺҹآ§ Ңͧҹмҹ

ش¹Ѻդآҡ Ф ʹͧкͧʹ ١ҹҹͧ

͡ѹ Ф






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