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öҹҡö öѧԴաҨж֧ҹͧ

͹öͧǷԴ ᷺Ѻ¤ö˹öѧԴա ˹ա 3

Ͷ֧ҹҧҹ͹Һоѹ˹ҡ äǡѺʹ

ҧçл¹ҡ (3 դ)  һҹ˹ѡӺҡ





ѹʡҧҹաҤ ١͡㨵ԴѴǡͺͧҧҹ

Թŧҫ͡ҹ ǧǴҡԴҤԴ١зҧҹѹ

شҡѺ (ǵҧ͹ҧ׹) ´٫ Ҵټҹ; TV Thailand

٫件֧ ep.5 (˴͹ѹ)  Ҵͧ Summer Rescue 仹ӵᵡѹء͹

ͫ͡ǻء ͧ ѵ Ẻ ѹૹԷտͧẺ


觷ҡҤ ҤͧѺҨԧҨѧѺҭ蹧 ͧԹ

˹ ʹ͡¡Ҩѧ͡Ҿٴáѹ (ç٧ôҡ)





ѹء 13 ҷӧҹõͧ ҡ㨢Ѵ ѧ͹

ԹԴ ˹ ˹ѹ ҡûǴǴ¹ԴҨҧҹǧ´

ͻ 2009 һ繻ʹԴçҺҡẺ ش

Դҷ繵͹ҡ͹͹¨˹ѡա ᴴç¹

ҡẺԧ :((









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